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Customer Analytics & Insights Platform

Accelerating transformation & modernization

We unify customer data into your cloud 

Mesh Analytics creates 90,000 customer measures

Creating a new kind of Single Customer View

A system for continuous learning @ massive scale

Fueling retail's first Cognitive Framework

Strategically optimizing every customer's lifecycle

Producing Insights that transform marketing

Accelerating your Customer Analytics & Insights efforts

And Infrastructure that transforms your business


Real marketing results from real machine learning*

 Acquiring Quality Customers
Predictive Seeds increase contribution, increase margin, and reduce "one and dones" - acquire quality.
7x increase in customer contribution over traditional lookalike seeds
 Acquiring the Right Customers
Pragmatic Persona, combined with Facebook targeting, helps you design your customer community.
30% increase in strategic customer acquisition over Facebook targeting
Expanding Spend into New Categories
Using "Predicted Purchase" drove 67% of all converting customers to "new to them" categories/products.
67% success rate in introducing customers to new categories 
Expanding Customers into New Seasons
Seasonal Predictive Purchase more than doubled customer expansion
2x increase in expansion of existing customer into new seasons
Seasonal Predictive Reactivation
Specific "seasonal re-activation" using seasonal predictive purchase.
Drove a 73% reactivation rate for lapsed/churned in-store customers
Margin Improvements
Frontloading sales opportunities at catalog/season start: decreasing competitive pressure/inventory risk
189% increase in customer "seasonal" net catalog contribution #SellThrough

* Results are typical (and are referenceable)


Whether just starting your journey, seeking scale, or in need of rapid acceleration, OpenInsights empowers your Customer Analytics & Insights practice.

Explore our Cognitive Framework


 Cognitive frameworks power insurance, financial services and global intelligence organizations and are the only path to continuous, adaptive insights generation.

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(included with every deployment)


Open Analytics

  • Lifeblood Sales Operations

  • Merchandising & Demand

  • Marketing Attribution

  • CRM & Persona Performance

All reports are delivered "data ready," performance-optimized, and can be delivered through your existing business intelligence platform of choice.

Reports included with every deployment:


Open Architecture (In Your Cloud)


Provisioning & Resiliency provided by
our friends at TerraForm:


You don't get an Insights-driven future without secure, scalable, enterprise ready infrastructure. Here's how we can help:

  • Fully provisioned, self-healing infrastructure
     - everything required to support your Insight efforts

  • Big Query (GCP) or RedShift (AWS) 
     - with our best-in-class events-based schema

  • Real-time/Batch Data Capture
    - including OpenPixel #DataIndependence

  • Cloud specific Machine Learning infrastructure
    - optimized for performance

  • Best practice-based security & compliance
    - all PII encrypted in motion and at rest)

Open provisions everything you need to run a world class Customer Analytics & Insights effort within hours, and takes you "insights live" within just weeks.


Less Artificial.

More Intelligence.

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